About Me

A very sugar filled Hello to you!

I'm Vizzie, a baby of ChiniMandi.com, I'm turning one very soon!

Speaking more about myself I'm born in the world of sugar, I have more than 12,000 cousins all over the world, we have a common liking for all kinds of sugar. I'm born so strong by eating sugar that I can lift 20 times of my own body weight. I dont have ears but can sense the whole world through vibrations and my super powerful eyes. I love mingling around sugar. I am the only person who can make you think of pampering your sweet tooth!

I'm sure you'll love my company because I'll be hopping around with you chit chatting about my one & only love that's Sugar!

I bet you are inquisitive to know what Vizzie means. You know that there are only 2 species who are close to sugar. One is ants and one is human beings. Our techno-savy & serial entrepreneur who's the founder of ChiniMandi wanted an ant to be as intelligent as humans and therefore he derived my name from the combination of two words "vision and "whizzy". Whizzy means technologically innovative or advanced. So that's how "Vizzie" came to this world.

Name :Vizzie
Nationality : Sugarian
Email : vizzie@chinimandi.com
Phone : +91-9055115511
Website : www.thevizzie.com

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